Chickasaw Republic
Timeline: Indian Nations

OTL equivalent: Oklahoma, southern Kansas
Chickasaw nation (Indian Nations), 2002 -
Location of the Chickasaw Nation
Anthem "'The People of the Plains'"
Capital Whitehead
Largest city Wichita
English, Chickasaw
  others Choctaw
Religion Christianity, Chickasaw tribal religion
Ethnic Groups
Chickasaw, Caucasian
  others Choctaw, African-American, Hispanic
Demonym Chickasaw
Government Federal constitutional republic
  legislature Senate
Chief Miko Hughes
President Mary Whiteman
Population 2,997,000 
Established 1900
Independence from United States
  declared July 6, 1900
  recognized July 7, 1900
Currency USD
Time Zone CST (UTC-6)
  summer DST
Calling Code 237
Internet TLD .cka
Organizations United Nations

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