Pre-Apocalypse History

Chicago was a city in the US state of Illinois, and the most populous city in Illinois. Chicago was also the most populous midwestern state and the third most populous state overall in the United States. Chicago also had a booming economy, formerly the fourth highest GDP in the world.


New Government:

Chicago is now semi-independent from the United States as a result of the Zombie Apocalypse and was hit extremely hard during the Apocalypse. The Police Force soon took over and booted the Mayor, as he was accused of being a noneffective and corrupt politician.  

Government Acts

The First government act was to secure the borders, with the eastern border completely closed, the southern border strictly monitored, and the eastern border moderately monitored. The second government act was preparation, The government did this by rallying troops, training troops, stocking up on food, and researching the zombie virus. The third and next act of the Chicogan government is to launch Operation: Surround and Destroy.    

Operation: Surround and Destroy

The objective of O:SaD is to surround the zombies in the formal United States, blockade the zombies from moving in or out, and finally close in on them, thus destroying them for good. This Operation is divided in many stages.

Stage 1: First Chicagoan Offensive

Mission: Push zombies out of Chicago and the surrounding area.  

Result:  The zombies were pushed out, at the cost of 10,500 lives.

Stage 2: Midwestern Campaign

Mission: Surround, (blockade), and destroy the zombies of the American Heartland.

Result: TBD

Stage 3: Western Campaign 

Mission: Surround, (blockade), and destroy the zombies in the Wild West.

Result: TBD

Foreign Relations


United States: Our greatest ally, sends in military and supply support


Canada: (Potential) Trading partner 


Forgottonia: Unrecognized state/buffer zone, seeks to improve relations later

At War

Zombies: General threat to Humanity 


Everyone else: We hope to explore other nations soon



Anti-Zombieism (A-Zism): The official city religion. It combines public zombie hate with counter zombie military strategy and tactics.  The three main cores of A-Zism are Defence, Preparation, and Offense (DPO)

Renewalism: A radical religion founded during the First Chicagoan Offensive by an unknown person popularly  known as Neo X. Renewalists believe that both zombies and humans should be destroyed so the Earth can have a fresh start. Renewalism spread to the Delta region, causing multiple fires on farms. 





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