Chiang Kai-shek
Chiang kai shek colour
1st President of China
In office:

May 20, 1944 - April 5, 1975

Preceded by: None
Succeded by: Yen Chia-kan
Premier of China
In office:

January 20, 1953 - January 20, 1961

Preceded by: Unknown
Succeded by: Unknown
Chairman of the National Military Council
In office:

January 3, 1947 - September 5, 1952

Preceded by: Unknown
Succeded by: Unknown

October 31 1887, Fenghua, Zhejiang

Died April 5 1975, Nanijing, China
Nationality: Chinese
Political party: Kuomintang

Soong May-ling

Children: 2
Alma mater:

Harvard College

Occupation: Politician
Religion: Christian

Chiang Kai-shek was a Chinese political and military figure.

He dominated China throughout the 20th Century, but it was not until 1944 that he unified the whole of China.

Early Life

President of China 1944 - 1975


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