Chester A. Arthur

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Portrait of Chester A. Arthur

21th President of the United States
September 19, 1881 – March 4, 1885

Predecessor James A. Garfield
Successor Grover Cleveland
Born October 5, 1829

Fairfield, Vermont

Died November 18, 1886
New York City, New York
Political Party Republican

Chester Alan Arthur (October 5, 1829 – November 18, 1886) was the 21st President of the United States (1881–1885). Becoming President after the assassination of President James A. Garfield, Arthur struggled to overcome suspicions of his beginnings as a politician from the New York City Republican machine, succeeding at that task by embracing the cause of civil service reform. His advocacy for, and enforcement of, the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act was the centerpiece of his administration.