The Kingdom of Cherussia
— Free Kingdom (Vrij Koninkrijk) of The Cimbrian Alliance
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Cross flag black
Flag of Cheruscland
Kingdom of Cherussia
Location of Cheruscland
(and largest city)
Cherussian (Cheruscisch)
  others Cimbrian (Cimbrisch)
Religion Norse Polytheism
Ethnic groups
  others Frisi, Chatti, Chumavi
Government Free Kingdom
  legislature King and Dukes of Cherussia
Established 1216 (463 AD)
Admission 1220 (467 AD)

A Short History of Cherussia

Cherussia was one of the Kingdoms of the Cimbrian Alliance. Cherussia was foudned by the Cherusci minority tribe of Germania. After the end of the Second War for the North the Cherusci, and the other smaller tribes of Northern Germania formed five separate but very similar Kingdoms. The Cherusci King, and Prince-Elector, Hjalmar was another of the electors who chose Æthelred of Cimbria as the first High King of their Alliance.

Cherussia's capital was known as Traectium during the time that it was a part of Roman Germania. Traectium, like the other names of things in the Cimbrian Alliance, had its name changed to fit the Cherussian Language. Trecht however would have been confused with another city known as Traectium ad Mosam which was named Maastricht and was also in Cherussia. The capital city was given the prefix 'Uut' meaning 'down' as in down river.

A List of Cherussian Kings

King Hjalmar 1220- (467- AD)


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