My History of North America (Cheringia)

1421: Zheng He’s voyages to the “farthest reaches of earth” land him on the west coasts of Cheringia. They set up a small village of around 500 people. Their population and land grew drastically in a couple of decades. Whenever they came upon a group of natives they would manipulatively conquer them with no resistance.

1600’s: The Chinese control a vast Empire including almost half the land in Cheringia. Although the Chinese control much land in Cheringia, the Chinese treated the Aborigines very well. The Aborigines live with harmony with the Chinese. The two cultures and people are combined very well. Almost half the towns in Chinese Cheringia are Aborigine towns. Meanwhile, the Spanish control several Islands in the Caribbean, yet the Chinese are unaware of their presence. 1737:The Vast Chinese Cheringian Empire is so huge that the overseas governor, Shiang Lu Ye declares all Chinese land on Cheringia, the state of ShindeFong. Although it is still part of the Ling Empire, ShindeFong made LongBei its capital, created a new governor and organized a new Army. The army with Aborigines and Chinese were about 100,000 men strong. The new creation of ShindeFong created a mass immigration of Chinese from China to Cheringia. 1750: With the creation of ShindeFong, there are many other countries’ colonies on Cheringia that the Chinese are unaware about such as the Thirteen Colonies of Britain on the east coast, the french lands of Quebec in the Northeast and a dutch colony in the middle of the two. 1776: The thirteen colonies declares war on England. The War of Independence begins. The Dutch colony remains Neutral. 1779: The Thirteen colonies create a pact with Quebec in desperation of losing the war. 1784: Through the pact the thirteen colonies made with Quebec they win the war and become the United States of America (U.S.A) 1785: The Americans begin to travel over the Appalachian mountain range, wanting to expand their lands. The Americans soon discovered the lands of ShindeFong. The American pioneers stumbled upon the town of Dongshi at the edge of ShindeFong. Dongshi was a major city of ShindeFong and held around 10,000. The Aborigines of the town had had earlier clashes with the Americans and convinced their Chinese town folk that the foreigners were “ barbarians” and that they were to be killed. Although the Americans had better weapons, the Chinese and the Aborigines outnumbered the Americans greatly. The people of Dongshi killed over 5,000 Americans that day. 1786: The Americans back in America were outraged at the killing of people, but after suffering from a war, the Americans waited until they had rebuilt their Army. 1790: The Americans could wait no longer and with an army of 50,000 crossed the Appalachian Mountains and marched toward Dongshi. The battle of Dongshi was about to begin. Now the tables had turned and it was the people of Dongshi that were outnumbered. The Americans were merciless and massacred everyone in the town. A small boy survived the massacre and travel 64 miles to the next town to tell of the massacre. Word soon spread to the capital, Longbei and Shiang Lu Ye prepared his entire army of now 500,000 men strong and commanded them to march toward the ruins of Dongshi. 1791: The Entire Shindefong army arrives at Dongshi to find it looted and destroyed. The American army had avenged their fellow Americans, looted the city and returned back to America. The general of the army Chian Lo Bo disobeyed the governor’s orders and commanded his entire Army over the Appalachian mountains and into the heart of America. 1791: The Entire Army crosses over the Appalachian mountains and find a thriving civilization. Seeing the weapon technology of the Americans, the Chinese retreated back to Shindefong. 1795: The Americans, thinking the west was a vast wasteland for pioneers sent a huge migration of Americans into the “vast” west. The Americans are accompanied by almost three quarters of the American Army just in case of run ins with other groups of people. The Americans decide to settle in the ruined city of Dongshi and rename it Carabunty. They are fascinated by the ruins of Dongshi, the architecture and the culture. 1800: The entire Chinese army marches to the new American city, after word gets out that they have settled in the ruins of Dongshi. The American army hears of this and decides to create a trap for the vast Chinese Empire. As the Chinese army approaches Carabunty, they are confronted by a small force of 5,000 American men. The General convinced that this was the entire American force they began to fight them. Suddenly, with the Chinese backs turned, the Americans surround the Chinese army from the rear and begin to attack the Chinese. They surrendered and have to sign a treaty with America, the Americans take advantage of this treaty make the Chinese give special trading rights as well as land in central Cheringia 1807: Shiang Lu Ye dies at a very old age of 130. The new governor comes to power and is determined to make the Americans pay for the unequal treaties. He sends Chinese spies into the heart of America, to learn of their technology. The spies are successful and teaches the blacksmiths how to make cannons, muskets. The Chinese blacksmiths come up with an early form of the machine gun. The Emperor of China sends them copies of some plans by Leonardo Da Vinci for a tank. The Chinese engineers revise the plan and build it. 1810: In one swift move the Chinese army, with its new weapons take over all former Shin De Fong territory. 1814: The crumbling Ling Dynasty ends, which gives way for the Manchus or the Qing Dynasty. 1811: The Germans decide to invest on overseas colonies by sending a huge armada of ships toward New Spain of the Aztec Empire. Since New Spain’s army had gone a raid into the deeper central Cheringia, the Germans easily attacked and conquered New Spain. The natives of New Spain hailed the Germans as liberators of Spanish rule after around 200 years. The Germans actually rather than governing New Spain decide to live among them just as friends. They helped new Spain get its independence and is renamed Mexico. From then on Mexico and Germany are very close allies and friends. 1829: One of the Spanish colonies on the east coast of Cheringia claims their independence and becomes the country of Armadia. 1832: Russian forces move over into the upper reaches of Cheringia and conquer most of its land. 1872:The Americans become extremely rich by trading with the Chinese. All other countries that want to trade with ShindeFong have to pay an expensive “trading tax” which made many countries furious. For this reason, Britain declared war on the U.S.A and the Trade Wars begin. 1875: The British seem to be winning many of the major naval and land battles at the start of the war. But, Abraham Lincoln encourages the Americans not to give up hope. 1877:The Americans begin winning battles, but not enough to be victorious over the British. Meanwhile, the Chinese take the opportunity and the entire Chinese army marches into America and gradually begins winning land. With the American army fighting the British at sea, no one is left to protect America. The Chinese force all remaining citizens to sail back to Europe. The Chinese now controlled all of Cheringia. The American navy hears of this but retreats to Britain. 1880: The Trade Wars end. The British and the Americans signed the treaty of New York giving the British the right to trade with the Chinese at the port of Beigong in the Gulf of Mexico without paying a “trading tax”. 1898: The Boxer Rebellion begins in mainland China which causes the rebellion in Shinedefong as well. 1911:The Kuomingtang revolutions begin which puts ShindeFong into chaos

1914: World War One Breaks out and Cheringia is divided. Mexico, under very strong German influence joins the Central powers. The Confederacy also joins the Central Powers, because they also have strong connections with Mexico. In the Confederacy slavery, gambling and prostitution is legal. The Pacific States have joined the Central Powers as well, since it used to be part of the Austria-Hungarian Empire. The Union, The United States of Quebec, The Belgian Island of NewFoundland, The Free Nation of the Aborigines, and Alkansa join the Allies. 1915:The Confederacy, joined by Mexico advances toward The Union. The two sides set up trenches on the very northern parts of the Confederacy. This lags on for Four years, until World War I. 1918: The Belgian Island of Cheringia is sold to the United States of Quebec, which they name Nouveau Terre.

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