Timeline: Caesar of Rome
1568 - ?
Flag of Chequesta (Caesar of Rome)
Flag of Chequesta
Capital: St. Fructus
Language: Spanish
Religion: Roman Catholicism
Type of government: Composite monarchy

The Kingdom of Chequesta (Spanish: Reino de Chequesta), commonly known as Chequesta, was a kingdom and colony of Spain in the continent of Borealia. It was established in 1568 during the Spanish exploration of the New World, and the only possession in Borealia.

The Kingdom was ruled directly from Spain; the monarch of Chequesta was also the king of Castile, and his highest appointed minister lived in the capital of St. Fructus. The colony was notable for its reliance on cash crops like Tobacco, and one of the first nations in Borealia to introduce slavery.






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