800px-Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Camp Delta where Che is held. (1967)

Marxism was popular in the 20th century, and of all the people it could have touched Ernesto "Che" Guevara was probably the most well known marxist to the CIA. "El Che" was captured in Bolivia 1967; but shortly after his capture US trained forces in Bolivia decided to execute him, even though the United States wanted to interogate him. The POD is that Che is spared for some questioning (also the Cuba missile crisis is not resolved), and when Castro hears about Che's fate well... Grab a mojito, cigar and your AK-47, the cold war gets hot...


'1961'- The US tries to "liberate" Cuba in the Bay of Pigs invasion which fails miserably, leading to a floundering humilitaion on the US side and the arrival of Soviet Nulcear weapons in Cuba.

1962- Negotiations between the US and the USSR falter, The US demands the removal of nuclear weapons from Cuba, and the USSR demands the removal of nuclear weapons from Turkey. Neither side backs down, Cuba fishishes assembly on the first TNW (Tactical Nuclear Weapon).

7 October 1967- Che Guevara is captured in Bolivia, he is taken to a Bolivian camp where he spends the next three days.

10 October 1967- Permission to execute Che is revoked as the US has bought Che from the Bolivians. The US takes Che for interogation to the most secure nearby location available- Guantanamo Bay. Castro is alerted of Che the next day.

15 October 1967- Che has been at Guantanamo Bay for four days. Castro has mouted a significant force around Gitmo, putting the US on guard at the significant threat. Castro speaks with the Soviets as to try and negotiate the release of Che for US POW's from the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Soviets agree to try, but relations with the US are at an all time low, Cuba has 8 TNWs assembled.

25 October 1967- After two attempts to negotiate with the United States by Cuba and the Soviet Union, Castro becomes furious and has troops march to the fence of Gitmo where they demand Che's release. The US refuses to let Che go.

26 October 1967, 0500 hours- Cuban LAVs and APCs roll over the fencing of Guantamo Bay with over 30,000 Cuban troops, The US soldiers open fire but are getting overrun, they phone for help from the mainland US.

0923 hours- The United States had launched 2 forces at Cuba, one at Guantanamo and one at Havana. The Havana assault has been met with heavy resistance of nearly 35,000 Cuban troops, 100,000 militia, and 8,000 military police.

1027 hours- Cuba attempts to launch its nuclear weapons, only 1 is primed and get airborne, the US issues the TNWs in Turkey to be used, at the same time the US employs 2 sprint missiles to intercept and strike Cuba, The Soviets prepare 3 missiles for launch, 1 to intercept the missiles from Turkey, 1 to intecept the US bombardment of Cuba, and 1 to EMP western Europe. The Cuban missile detonates over Atlanta, Georgia, rendering most of the eastern seaboard useless. The American missiles are destroyed by the EMP as well as the strike package Soviet missile. The Soviet interception missile in Turkey stops the bombardment of the southern Soviet Union while the interceptor is fired upon entering the airspace and detonates in the Gulf of Mexico 350 miles off the coast of Cuba, The EMP missile over Europe successfully detonates, the West is now crippled without electronics, Soviet satellites have been affected by the blasts, but ground equipment still works.

'1200 hours'- The eastern European border is HEAVILY militarized immediately. Neither side is willing to push over but the stalemate is still in effect. The US is defeated at Guantanamo Bay and Che is taken back, while Havana is split between the North US occupied region and the south with heavy Cuban resistance. Fidel Castro escapes to the Escambray mountains. Sweden- the only country not completely destroyed by the EMP contacts the USSR, the Soviets repond and call for a cease fire.

12 November 1967- The EMP has worn off entriely over the US; The Soviets call for a meeting with the US to which they respond. Castro is tried for war crimes, however seeing as Castro did not authorize the mission he is let go with severe sanctions on Cuba, which the Soviets are still combating. Che is returned to the Cuban government, and the unknown commander that launched the missile is being tracked in a US operation. Some Cubans regard him as "el heore sin rostro"- the faceless hero. Soviet-US relations improve even if somewhat distrustful. Nikita Khrushchev is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for not annihilating the US and western Europe, TNW's from Cuba and Turkey are removed, but Khrushchev's approval rating stay high- he remains Premier of the Soviet Union until his death in 1971.

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