The Kingdom of Chattia
— Free Kingdom (Freikönigreich) of The Cimbrian Alliance
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Germany
Flag of Chattia
Flag of Tschatland
Kingdom of Chattia
Location of Tschatland
(and largest city)
Harrierbrake (Brake)
Chattian (Tschatisch)
  others Cimbrian (Cimbrisch)
Religion Norse Polytheism
Ethnic groups
  others Frisians, Cimbri, Semnoni, Frisi
Government Free Kingdom
  legislature Dukes and Kings of Chattia
Established 1216 (463 AD)
Admission 1220 (467 AD)

A Short History of Chattia

Chattia was one of the Germanic Kingdoms of the Cimbrian Alliance and was the largest of them. The ports of Chattia, the largest being the capital city of Harrierbrake (Brake, Germany), were the center of its activity. The minor hinterland which Chattia had was supported by the resources from the Southern Germanic Kingdoms. The loss of most of the ports which Germania had was a heavy blow to their economy but many of the richest areas in terms of resources remained in the hands of the Roman Province. The first King of Chattia, King Hakon, was the Dux of Harrierbrake under the Latin name of Hesychius while the city was known as Brucetium and was not even entirely sure with the revolutions of the Chattian people, who made up a majority of the population of his city but also were the poorest. Hakon made the split second decision when he had to choose whether to lead the city alongside the other lower Germanic Tribes or to assist the Romans. His decision could very likely have changed the outcome of the War but Hakon chose the Chatti over Rome, likely due to his humble origins in the city.

A List of Kings of Chattia

King Hakon


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