The Charlotte Era timeline was created on the basis that Charlotte I (Charlottic Era), Queen of the United Kingdom lived past her original place in history as Charlotte of Wales.

Original Timeline

Charlotte of Wales was the only child and daughter of George IV of the United Kingdom. She passed away in 1817 due to complications through childbirth before her father ascended the throne as King and is often forgotten by history due to the successor of her uncle, William IV, Queen Victoria. However had Charlotte survived her brush with death giving birth to a healthy son in 1817 and lived through the experience, Victoria would have spent her life as a Princess, most likely marrying into a European family.

Major Impacts

  • Queen Charlotte's issue numbered only two children compared to Victoria's nine meaning that many royal families across Europe were not married into. This becomes key when Russia's imperial family do not receive a haemophilliac carrying princess into their ranks, avoiding the tension and build up to the Russian revolution.
  • King Leopold I of Belgium, Charlotte's husband is still offered the crown of Belgium and begins in his son the personal union of the British-Belgium crown as George V & I.
  • The Beglian Empire's possessions in Africa never came about, although through the devolved Belgian government's own actions in Africa the possessions came into the British Empire. The cruelty shown to the Africans under the Belgians never came about due to the British Empire's firm control over their colonies.
  • The sheer size of the African possessions are organized into Kingdoms and given governments of their own to act under the British crown. This centralizing of power kept the African possessions in line and due to Charlotte's zeal for anti-slavery and wish to see equality amongst the black population, cruelty towards the coloured population was severely reduced.
  • More impacts to come.