Charlotte Louise of Navarre (Blooming Roses)
Charlotte louise
|210px|alt=|'Viscountess Narbonne and Duchess of Montbazon']]
'Viscountess Narbonne and Duchess of Montbazon'
Viscountess Narbonne and Duchess of Montbazon (more...)
Reign 12 March 1578 - 12 April 1611
Spouse Hercule, Duke of Montbazon
Issue Madeleine Sophie

Hercule, Duke of Montbazon
Joan Antoinette
Isabella Eleanor
Edward Henry
Jean Claude
Charles Francis
Catherine Marie
Gabrielle Louise

House House of Bourbon (by birth)

House of Rohan (by marriage)

Father Henry IV of France
Mother Jane Margaret of England
Born 12 March 1578
Château de Pau
Died 12 April 1611 (aged 33)
Pau, Navarre
Burial Saint Denis Basilica
Religion Calvinism
 Charlotte Louise (12 March 1578 - 12 April 1611) was the younger sister of Madeleine Elisabeth, Queen of Navarre. She and her older sister had a notoriously difficult relationship that eventually led to Madeleine Elisabeth beheading her younger sister after a rebellion broke out, despite lack of evidence tying her sister to the rebels.

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