Charlotte I
German Empress; Queen of Prussia

Charlotte I as crown princes
Charlotte I as crown princes
Reign 24 May – present
Coronation 24 May 1999
Predecessor Ferdinand V
Successor reigning
Spouse Johannes Friedrich, Prince Royal
Issue Princess Elisabeth
Princess Charlotte
Wilhelm IV, German Emperor
House Hohenzollern
Father Ferdinand V, German Emperor
Mother Maria Theresa Johanna of Austria
Born 18 April 1974(1974-04-18)
Königsberg, Prussia
Died n/a

Charlotte I (German: Charlotte I, Deutsche Kaiserin und Königin von Preußen; 18 April 1977 – present) is the current German Empress and Queen of Prussia.

Personal Life

Early life and education

Marriage and family

Political Life

Crown Princess

German Empire and Reign

Crown Princess Charlotte of Prussia

Political Views

Kaiserin Charlotte was considered a moderate on several of her views before September of 2002, having spent the first three years of her reign on domestic issues, believing that with the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was little need for German military in Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe. She did not have a clearly stated policy on immigration, but after the terrorist attacks, the generally lax immigration was made much more stringent. The Empress spent time attempting to get the Reichstag to agree to her new lower tax program and privatization of the utility companies. She spent most of her first three years focusing on her education programs, and an attempt at improving the union situation, which had been allowed to worsen in the last years of her father's reign.

After the terrorist attacks, Charlotte took a sharp turn further right, using the public rally to her strong and reassuring position to push through a tax restructuring, labor deregulation, and a military build-up.

Der Elfte Neunte

In September of 2002, a simultaneous attack was made on Germany, England, and the United States of America. Thirty-one hijackers hijacked nine airplanes, five in the United States, two in England, and two in Germany, with the intent to use them as large-scale bombs, crashing into financial buildings, crippling the three world superpowers.

The airplanes struck the European Trade Center in Frankfurt, and in Tiergarten in Berlin, narrowly missing hitting its intended target, the Reichstag building. Empress Charlotte was very nearly killed herself in the attack, as she was outside at Brandenburg Gate when the airplane, an RLH486, flew low over the gate and crashed into the Tiergarten.

The four airplanes in the United States struck Quebec City, the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and an attempted fifth airplane attack on the White House. In England, York was hit, and the outskirts of London were hit by the airplane.

Grand Coalition

Wars Abroad


Titles, styles, honors, and arms

Titles and Styles

Monarchical Styles of
Empress Charlotte
Coagermany au
Reference style Her Imperial and Royal Majesty
Spoken style Your Imperial and Royal Majesty
Alternative style Ma'am
  • 18 April 1974 – 2 January 1991: Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Prussia
  • 2 January 1991 – 18 January 1994: Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Prussia
  • 18 January 1994 – 9 March 1999: His Imperial and Royal Highness The German Crown Princess, Crown Princess of Prussia
  • 9 March 1999 – present: Her Imperial and Royal Majesty The German Empress, Queen of Prussia


  • Order of Louise
  • Order of the White Eagle






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