Charlotte Christina of Brittany
|210px|alt=|Queen of Scotland]]
Queen of Scotland
Tenure 27 March 1625 - 12 June 1626
Predecessor Sophia Magdalene of England
Successor none
Spouse James VII of Scotland

m. August 1606

Issue Isabella Mary, Queen of Scots
House House of Coligny (by birth)

House of Stuart (by marriage)

Father Francis III of Brittany
Mother Cecilia Renata of Sweden
Born 15 March 1590
Nantes, Brittany
Died 17 January 1627 (aged 36)
Stirling Palace, Scotland
Burial Holyrood Abbey
Religion Calvinism

Charlotte Christina (12 March 1590 -17 January 1627) was the last Queen Consort of Scotland. In 1606, she married James VII of Scotland. Despite ten pregnancies, she only had one living child, a daughter, Isabella Mary.

Early Life

Charlotte Christina was the younger surviving child of Cecilia Renata and Francis III of Brittany. She was exceptionally intelligent and precocious, mastering Latin and Greek by age eight. Her mother took great pride in her and wanted her daughter to be a queen. Cecilia suggested a Portuguese match, but Francis wanted a Scottish marriage. Her father prevailed, and in 1599, Charlotte was betrothed to the heir to the Scottish throne.


In 1606, Charlotte Christina arrived in Scotland to marry the heir to the Scottish throne. She was greeted by Queen Sophia Magdalene, Magdalene Elizabeth, and Arbella Mary at Linlithgow Palace in July. They were later joined by James VI, the future James VII, and the Duke of Rothesay. On August 15th, Charlotte and James were married. James and his father soon returned to Edinburgh, leaving his sixteen year old bride in the company of his mother and sisters. Queen Sophia was extremely kind to Charlotte, having been close to her mother during her childhood, and Charlotte immediately latched to her mother-in-law. When Sophia died at the end of 1607, Charlotte's grief was so great that she miscarried of a son in early 1608. She never returned to Linlithgow Palace during her lifetime, Queen Sophia having died there. Charlotte had a less than harmonious relationship with her two sisters-in-law, especially Arbella. There was one such occasion in 1610, where Arbella was expected to show deference to Charlotte, instead Arbella defiantly pushed her, causing another miscarriage. Arbella was admonished by her father, though she refused to apologize. Charlotte's relationship with Jams varied; early on he was very distant to her but later they were extremely close and he often went to her for advice in politics. The English ambassador remarked, "To be in favor of the queen, is to have the favor of the king,"

Tenure As Queen

Charlotte Christina became Queen Consort after James VII ascended the throne in 1625, though her tenure was to be short-lived. Her only living child, Isabella, married Alexander III of England later that year and her husband was still attempting for an heir. Her last pregnancy began in November of 1625, only to end in tragedy at the end of April 1626. On 12 June 1626, her husband died in her arms at Falkland Palace, and she shut herself away for a day before emerging to take control of the regency for her fourteen year old daughter, who was in England.


The official regency of Charlotte Christina lasted from 14 June 1626 until 17 July 1626. During this time she resided at Stirling Palace, which was a wedding gift from,her father-in-law. She was at Holyrood Abbey to greet her daughter when she arrived in Scotland for her coronation. She took a dislike to her son-in-law, despite the fact that her daughter appeared to be deeply in love. She resented him for only marrying Isabella to acquire Scotland, which Alexander denied.


Charlotte Christina died at Stirling Palace in early 1627 at the age of 36. The cause of her death is unknown; what is known is that she had been frequently bled before her death, which may have hastened her demise. Her daughter spent lavishly on her funeral, although she did not attend, as was the custom. Charlotte Christina was the last Queen Consort of Scotland, although her tenure only lasted sixteen month. She was criticized by her brother-in-law, Alexander, Duke of Rothesay for giving Scotland to England for failing to provide a male heir and ending the main line of the Stuart dynasty.


Charlotte Christina was pregnant ten times throughout her twenty year marriage, but only had one surviving child, Isabella Mary that lived beyond the age of two.
Reign start
Reign end
stillborn daughter
June 1606
stillborn son
January 1607
stillborn son
January 1608 Caused by grief over the death of Queen Sophia
stillborn girl
16 May 1610 Miscarriage caused by a push from Arbella Mary
Isabella Mary
19 August 1611 - 13 February 1657 12 June 1626 13 February 1657 Last ruler of Scotland, Scotland becomes a part of England after her death. End of the main line Stuart dynasty
15 March 1612 - 14 April 1612
stillborn son
15 April 1614
Elizabeth Sophia
12 June 1615 - 16 October 1617 Longest lived child other than Isabella Mary
Cecilia Margaret
13 March 1620 - 2 January 1621
stillborn son
14 June 1626