NEL Charlotte Skyline (VegWorld)

Charlotte's skyline

Charlotte is the fourth-largest city in New England, and the largest in Varieta. It has existed as a New England settlement since the late-1700s, and before that was a trading center for Aboriginal peoples. In fact, Trade Street, in the CBD, lies on top of an old Aboriginal trade route. Gold was discovered around the area in the early 1800s and it became a major gold mining town, making North Carolina the leader in gold exploitation in the whole of New England Colony. Charlotte only began its latest spurt of growth in the early 1980s, nearly doubling its population since 1980. This is mostly due to the fact that tensions lessened between New England and the Confederate States of Pemhakamik in the late 1990s, and so trade flourished in the border city. Trade with Muskogee also increased during this time. Currently, Charlotte is the second-largest banking headquarters in all of Pemhakamik, after New York City. Charlotte is known as a beautiful modern city, owing to its excellent "modern renaissance" urban planning.

NEL Bank of Pemhakamik from below (VegWorld)

The Bank of Pemhakamik tower is the tallest building in Charlotte, and the tallest in New England south of Philadelphia.

Charlotte is served by 5 train lines and many tram and bus lines as well. Charlotte's center is very urbanized, with blocks of apartments, offices, and shopping arcades, often housed in the same buildings. Outside is a ring of old tree-lined Victorian-era homes. These are the abode of the most well-to-do. Past that, the Node System takes off, with houses, condominiums, restaurants, and stores clustered around the stations, like small towns within a city. Far from randomly sprouting up, these new-towns are designed to be livable and aesthetically-pleasing.

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