Charles VIII of France, of the Valois dynasty was born in 1505 as the son of Charles VII and his wife. After the early death of his father, he became king in 1510; until he overtook, his uncle François the Regent (also known as Holy Roman Emperor Franz I) would govern the country in his place.

He fought the Great Occidental War against his opponent, king Edward V of the Quadruple Monarchy, and forced him to end the Occidental Schism and start the council of Ghent.

In 1534, he was elected king of Aragon, and one year later, he became Roman king after the death of his uncle; 1537, he was crowned emperor in Avignon.

He had two sons with his wife who would both become king of France, Charles IX and François I. 1556, he died.

Predecessor: Charles VIII Valois (Chaos) Successor:
Charles VII Charles VIII

King of France

Charles IX
Joan IV Carles

King of Aragon

Francesc I
Franz I Karl VI

Roman king of the HRE

Karl VII

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