Charles Thomson
Timeline: Failed American Revolution

2nd President of the UFAC
September 9 1775-September 13 1775

Predecessor John Hancock
Successor Post abolished
Born November 29, 1729
Gorteade, County Londonderry, Ireland
Died December 1, 1775
Political Party Patriot

Charles Thomson (November 29, 1729 in Gortreade, Ireland-December 1, 1775 in Philadelphia, Pennyslvania Colony) was a Patriot leader in the failed 1775 American Revolution. The Secretary of the Continental Congress from 1774 until 1775, and then the President of the UFAC for four days between September 9 until its dissolution on September 13, Thomson was an important figure in the revolution. He was captured by the British on September 13 and taken to Philadelphia, where he was tried for high treason and hung on the 1 December, 1775.