Charles I of Spain
Timeline: Tudor Line

Charles V Holy Roman Emperor
Portrait of Charles I of Spain

King of Spain
23 January 1516 - 12 November 1561

Predecessor Joanna I (alone)
Successor Ferdinand I

Duke of Brabant and Count of Holland
25 September 1506 - 23 January 1516

Predecessor Philip I of Castile
Successor Joined into the Kingdom of Spain

Holy Roman Emperor and Duke of Austria
28 June 1519 - 12 November 1561

Predecessor Maxmilian I
Successor Ferdinand I in the Holy Roman Empire

Duke Ferdinand of Austria in Austria

Born 24 February 1500
Ghent, Flanders
Died 12 November 1561
Nice, Holy Roman Empire
Queen Isabella of Portugal
Charles I of Spain was born on 24 February 1500 to Philip I of Castile and Queen Joanna I. In 1516 his maternal grandfather Ferdinand II of Aragon died, now his mother was Queen of Spain and he became co-ruler. In 1519 his paternal grandfather Maxmilian I died and he succeeded him as the Holy Roman Emperor. In 1523 he, Francis I and Henry VIII renewed the Treaty of London. During this time he also had to battle rebellions against him and popes Leo X, Adrian VI and Pius IV and also Louis II during the Protestant Wars. In 1523 he also married his sister Eleanor to King Francis's son Prince Henry, around the same time he also made royal marriages with Spain, John III married his sister Catherine and he married John's sister Isabella. During his reign he conquered Panama and Mexico. After the Protestant Rebellion was finally crushed in 1541, he decided to go to America, there in front of the Aztecs he declared himself Tlatoani of Tenochtitlan (a title he never used in Europe). In 1543 he returned to find a menace on his border, Louis II was dead and his son Casimir I (who now ruled only the Kingdom of Bohemia, which was Charles's vassal title) was now trying to protect himself against the attacking Ottomans. He send troops and money to Casimir, but a peace lover never went there and spend the rest of his life around a huge map with the current occupation map. In 1558 he tried to join Spain which he inherited into the Holy Roman Empire causing a Revolution. Finally in 1561 on a visit in the City of Nice he died of stress and the elector all decided to elect his son Ferdinand the new emperor.


He and his wife Isabella had these children: