CHARLES, Fourth of that name, by the grace of God KING of Spain and of Mexico, defender of the Faith etc.

Charles Frederick Alphonse Burbon (b. 1754), became king of Spain on the death of his father, Charles III, in 1788.

His reign was frought with unrest, partucularly revolutionary sentiment brought forth by the French Revolt.

Following the revolutions in New Spain (1810-1814), he was crowned King of Mexico in 1814, although he lost Trinidad to Britain during the Caribbean War. Although the revolts continued through Peru, New Grenada and Rio de la Plata, he did not live to see their conclusion.


Charles married Princess Maria Dorothea of Bavaria (1758-1826) in 1771.


  • Princess Maria Isabella (1773-1841); married Archduke Otto von Habsburg in 1791, had issue.
  • Prince Alphonso Frederick Francis (1775-1835) (later HRH Alphonso XII).
  • Prince Francis Charles John (1782-1843); married Louise-Marria of France in 1802, had issue.
  • Prince Charles Francis Frederick (1784-1849); married Dorothea of Baden in 1811, had issue.

Preceded by:
Charles III
Flag of Spain
King of Spain
Succeded by:
Alphonso XII
Preceded by:
New Title
Mexico (WSMT)
King of Mexico

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