Charles II of Spain
Timeline: Hapsburg's Unite

King of Spain
Lord of the Seventeen Provinces
Duke of Milan

September 13, 1598 - July 24, 1599

Predecessor Philip II
Successor Philip III
Born July 8, 1545
Valladolid, Spain
Died July 24, 1599

Charles II (September 13, 1598 - July 24, 1599) became King of Spain, Lord of the Seventeen Provinces and Duke of Milan on September 13, 1598 and was formally crowned on December 24 at the age of 54. His mother was Maria Manuela, Princess of Portugal, and his father was Philip II of Spain. Charles was the third monarch of the Spanish Hapsburg royal household.

After his father died Charles took the throne of Spain and also became the Lord of the Seventeen provinces and Duke of Milan at the age of 54. Though due to his age and violent outbursts he couldn't function properly as King and so his regent was his wife, Élisabeth of Valois. Charles only reigned for a year as he died of alcohol poisoning in July in 1599.


The 11 Months

During Charles's reign as King he wasn't fit to actually reign, and so Elizabeth became his regent through his own choice. She led a peaceful time in the Hapsburg reign, one of the few times Spain was actually at peace.


Charles II (at the time Carlos,Prince of Asturias,) married Elizabeth of Valois in 1560. 4 years later, after 5 miscarriages and stillborn children, the couple had a son, Philip at the ages of 21 and 20. The next year they had a girl who they named Anna after Anna of Austria, future wife to Philip II. Finally after another 2 miscarriages Elizabeth had one more girl, Maria.

Name Birth Marriage Death
Philip III April 3, 1564 None June 5, 1620
Anna of Spain July 4, 1565 None July 16, 1600
Maria of Spain March 5, 1567 Ferdinand of Bavaria July 21, 1611