Charles III
Karl (Charles) XII of Sweden.png
Charles III in 1700
Reign 11 July 1695 – present
Coronation 23 October 1695
Predecessor Charles II
Spouse Maria Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary
George, Crown Prince

Charles, Duke of Uppland
Alexandra Victoria, Princess Royal
John, Duke of Östergötland

Full name
Charles George John Alexander
House House of Wettin
Father Charles II
Mother Eleanor of Denmark
Born 24 February 1667 (aged 43)
Södermanland Palace, Stockholm
Religion Lutheran

Charles III (Swedish: Karl III, DutchKarel III;  born 24 February 1667) has been the current King of the NEU since 11 July 1695, when he succeeded his father Charles II. He is the only son of his father and Eleanor of Denmark.

Early life

Charles was born in Södermanland Palace in Stockholm on 24 February 1667 as the only living son of Charles II. He was baptised a Lutheran Protestant and a member of the Church of Sweden on 1 March 1667 by the Archbishop of UppsalaJohannes Canuti Lenaeus. His godparents were the King and Queen of Denmark (his maternal grandfather and grandmother), the Duke of Holland (his paternal cousin), and the Duke of Jylland (his maternal cousin). 

At the age of 4, he was awarded the title of Duke of Uppland, which he later awarded to his second-born son Charles in 1707.

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