Charles III of England, more properly Charles III of the United Kingdom and her Empire, real name Charles Edward George Albert Leopold Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (1884-1954) was King of the United Kingdom from 1942 until his abdication in 1953.
Charles III was Queen Victoria's grandson and a cousin to Edward VIII. Upon Edward's (some claim forced) abdication in 1942 after continued confrontation with Prime Minister Oswald Mosley, Charles III took the throne after Parliament declared him the heir, most of the House of Windsor refusing to rule with Mosley in control of the country. Charles III had been a Nazi during his time in Germany and considered himself more German than English. His role as monarch was almost entirely ceremonial, and during the war in Europe he rarely appeared in public. Charles III lacked the popularity that had characterised the reigns of George V and Edward VIII, and when England was invaded by the USA and Free British forces in 1952, Charles was taken to an 'undisclosed location' - it was later revealed he had attempted to flee the country and take refuge in South America. In the post-war government set up under the United States, Charles III became a symbol of the defeated Fascists and abdicated the throne in March 1953 - unwell for some time, he died almost exactly a year later. The throne was refused by Edward VIII, and the royal line of the restored House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha continued under Charles III's son, William V.

Preceded by
Edward VIII
King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain
May 17, 1942 - March 26, 1953
Succeeded by
William V

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