Charles III
King of Great Britain and Ireland

King Charles III.jpg
King of Great Britain
Reign 15th March 1747 - 25th July 1786
Coronation 15th March 1747
Predecessor George II of Great Britain
Successor Mary III of Great Britain and Ireland
Spouse Marie Adélaïde of France
Princess Mary of England 

Prince James of England

Full name
Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Sylvester Severino Maria Stuart
House House of Stuart
Father James Francis Edward Stuart
Mother Maria Klementyna Sobieska
Born 31st December 1720
Palazzo Muti, Papal States
Died 25th July 1786
Portsmouth, Great Britain
Burial Westminster Abbey, London
Religion Roman Catholic

Charles III (Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Sylvester Severino Maria Stuart; 31 December 1720 - 25 July 1786) was king of Great Britain and Ireland from his coronation on the 15th of March 1747 to his death on the 25th of July 1786.

Charles, also known as Bonnie Prince Charlie, was the last British monarch born outside of Britain and the last to take power through revolution. Following the "Glorious Revolution" of 1688 and the deposition of Charles' grandfather James II & VII, the parliament of England offered the position to William of Orange and his wife Princess Mary of England (King James' daughter). They both accepted and ruled as co-monarchs.

After the attempted overthrow of the newly formed Kingdom of Great Britain by Charles' father, James Francis Stuart, in 1715, the next "Jacobite rising" was caused by Charles himself. The Revolution of 1745, also known as the Hanoverian reaction, was the armed overthrow of the British king, George II. Charles' landing in Scotland, followed by successful battles at Carlisle and St. Helens and finally Catholic uprisings around the country, led to the surrender of the English Parliament, and the deposition of George II, who subsequently fled to the Americas.

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