Charles Evan Hughes

Charles Hughes 414
Portrait of Charles Evan Hughes

President of the United States
March 4, 1921 – March 4, 1925

Predecessor Philander C. Knox
Successor Nicholas Murray Butler
Vice President Nicholas Murray Butler
Born April 11, 1862
Glens Falls, New York, US
Died August 27, 1948
Osterville, Massachusetts, US
Spouse Antoinette Carter Hughes
Political Party Nationalist

Charles Evans Hughes was President of the United States and an American politician. After losing the presidential election of 1915, Hughes returned much more determined in 1920. His claim that his presidency would a "return to normalcy" resonated with the American public, which led to the first Nationalist president in decades. During his presidency, the social upheaval of the Progressive Era was brought to an end. Hughes begun the American policy of isolationism, believing America had too many enemies at home to focus on the enemies abroad. He believed in a hand's off approach to the economy, which was struggling to overcome a depression. Several cases of alleged corruption surfaced during Hughes' presidency, which Hughes tried to deny. Hoping to get away from the alleged crimes, Hughes denied to run for a second term.