In this timeline Charles Dickens' father is killed in prison and so Dickens is forced to continue to stay in orphanages and find work wherever he could. This has an effect on young Charles and Slowly begins to hate the upper classes until he leads his own revolution in 1866... (Note: I have taken some ideas from my other timelines and put them in this one)

Points of Divergence

1790- King George III mysteriously dies at Windsor castle one night in 1790, his son George, Prince of Wales becomes king early and abolishes Parliament in 1795 and makes himself absolute ruler of Britain.

1815- Napoleon is victorious during the Napoleonic wars, so many countries remain in France's influence.

1816- Tensions in Ireland lead to the Second Irish Rebellion which is crushed however the Irish are still very unhappy.

1824- John Dickens is imprisoned in Marshalsea Debtors' Prison and is killed in a riot a month later.

1833- Charles Dickens starts to secretly write the Revolutionary Paper, "The Workers friendly paper"

1843- Charles Dickens becomes a supporter of Socialism led by Karl Marx

1846- Like his brother King George IV, King William IV's reign is extended by 10 years and continues his brothers polices as Absolute monarch, he dies in 1846 and his succeeded by his niece, Princess Victoria

1861- King Consort Albert survives his illness and continues to reign as Absolute monarch in Queen Victoria's name

1866- A Socialist revolution breaks out in Britain


Timeline (Charles Dickens for King!)

Nations (Charles Dickens for King!)

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