L'amour Entre Les Pays - 1656

Whilst the English were recovering from both economic and civil problems in their young nation, the French were sitting high and mighty. Inside the palace of Versailles, Louis XIV had simply watched as events unfolded in the British Isles. He seemed to have found himself another ally in the Isles. Ireland would prove as a worthy friend to keep a watchful eye on the former Commonwealth, now known as the United Protectorate (fully known as the United Protectorate of England and Scotland (or the UP)). Though Louis and his advisors were considering somehow forging an alliance with the Protectorate, the English still didn’t like them very much. Louis was still contemplating his options in the British Isles, and was going to attempt to keep an alliance with Ireland, and possibly even try to get Scotland to separate from the UP itself.. Though Louis knew the Protectorate could prove to be a much greater ally than both the Scottish and Irish kingdoms combined, he was still considering his options.

Louis’ biggest worry was still coming from the original Englishmen. Even if they had found a new home to call their own, the Kingdom of Carolina was a large threat and danger to any of their colonies in the New World. Any colony within distance of Carolina would probably just be absorbed by it, before any French ships and soldiers could leave the docks to defend themselves. That was, unless, he secured an alliance with the new nation. The colony in Quebec was not under any threat as of the moment, as the New England colony was still busy filling out from the flood of English colonists. The distance between the two colonies also proved helpful as well. The colony of New Netherland, and the Netherlands in general, could also prove to be a potential ally, though their sheer cultural and religious differences were proving difficult to be on steady terms. The bad taste in Dutch mouths’ left by the Catholics still lingered, and Louis knew it would be a while until they were on better speaking terms. Sweden was proving to be, along with Carolina, another big pain. New Sweden grew due to both its and Carolina’s victory in The Great American War, and both nations were a large threat to his colonies. Instead of trying to ally with Carolina, Louis believed it to be best to secure alliances with the colonies directly bordering Louisiana and Quebec. Jean de Lauzon, leader of New France at the time, was ordered to meet with Edward Hopkins, the leader of Connecticut. This time was around the time that New Haven merged with Connecticut itself, which meant that it could have been a good trade ally in New England. He would later schedule a meeting with the Massachusetts governor, but it would crash and burn.


Jean de Lauzon, colonial governor of New France.

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