Chang Tian
Timeline: Sino-Roman

President of Southern China
March 16, 2007 - Present

Predecessor Ma Huáng
Born August 12, 1953
Hong Kong, Southern China
Political Party Youth

Chang Tian (born August 12, 1953) is currently the President of the Republic of Southern China, holding the titles of General Secretary of the Youth Party of Southern China since 2002, President of the Republic of Southern China since 2007, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission since 2004, succeeding Ma Huáng in the fourth generation leadership of the Republic of Southern China. Since his ascendancy Chang has reinstated certain controls on the economy and has been largely conservative with political reforms. His foreign policy is seen as less conciliatory than that of his predecessor, though Southern China's global influence has increased while he has been in office.

Chang's rise to the presidency represents Southern China's transition of leadership from old, establishment Communists to younger, more pragmatic technocrats. For most of Chang's adult life he has been involved in the Youth party bureaucracy, notably as Party Chief for the Xianggang Autonomous Region, and then later Vice-President under Ma Huáng. An advocate for Southern China's peaceful rise, Chang's political philosophy is summarily described as aiming to found a basis for a Harmonious Society domestically and for Peaceful Development internationally, the former generated by a Scientific Development Concept, which seeks integrated solutions to tackle Southern China's various economic, environmental and social problems.

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