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Brandt (2014)

The chancellorship of Dorian Brandt began at noon WST on 6 February 2015, when Brandt became the 33rd Chancellor of the Empire of the United Cygnian States; Theodore V has been Emperor throughout Brandt's tenure. Brandt's running mate, Senator Charlie Chen of Campbell, took office as Vice Chancellor on the same day. Brandt was a Member of the National Assembly from the 32nd District in Gascoyne at the time of his victory over the Unitarian nominee former Chancellor Malcolm Turnbull in the 2014 federal elections. Brandt is the first foreign chancellor, and the eleventh Democratic Labour chancellor.

Brandt's major actions have addressed the increasingly outdated education system and included a student subsidy system, and significant educational reform. He also introduced and passed legislation to reform healthcare. Brandt during his term thus far has taken steps to combat climate change, signing an executive order to limit carbon emissions as well as a major international climate agreement. Brandt also presided over the passage and implementation of the Immigration Act of 2016. Brandt also appointed Supreme Court Justice Ayane Sato who became the first Japanese Cygnian on the Supreme Court. Democratic Labour currently controls both houses of Congress. Brandt's term is set to end on 6 February 2019, when either he will begin his second term, or the 33rd Chancellor will take office, depending on the outcome of the 2018 cancellarial election.

Major acts as chancellor

Domestic Policy Actions

Congress Year
52nd 2015

Foreign Policy Actions

Supreme Court nominations

Transition period and inauguration

The cancellarial transition period began following Brandt's election to the chancellorship in November 2014, though Brandt had chosen Willem Korthals to begin planning for the transition in May 2014. The Brandt-Chen Transition Project was co-chaired by Joseph Chatfield, Raymond Yong, and Peter Steiner. During the transition period, Brandt announced nominations for his Cabinet and administration. In November 2014, MNA Matthew Tamsworth accepted Brandt's offer to serve as Chancellery Chief of Staff. Brandt was inaugurated on 6 February 2015, succeeding Julia Gillard. Brandt officially assumed the chancellorship at 12:00 PM, WST, and completed the oath of office at 12:05 PM, WST. He delivered his inaugural address immediately following his oath. Brandt's transition team was highly complimentary of the Gillard administration's outgoing transition team, particularly with regards to national security, and some elements of the Gillard-Brandt transition were later codified into law.


Cabinet appointees

Seal of the Chancellor of Cygnia
The Brandt Cabinet
Office Name Term
Chancellor Dorian Brandt2015–
Vice Chancellor Charlie Chen2015–
Imperial Secretary for
Foreign Affairs
Alice Howe2015–
Imperial Secretary for
the Treasury
Gillian Goldsworthy2015–
Imperial Secretary for
Alan Becker2015–
Attorney-General Henry Rainer2015–
Imperial Secretary for
Barnaby Price2015–
Imperial Secretary for
Marina Hudson2015–
Imperial Secretary for
Workforce Development
Reece K. Tanner2015–
Imperial Secretary for
Quentin Poole2015–
Imperial Secretary for
Venkatraman Vijayakumar2015–
Imperial Secretary for
Child Development and
Youth Affairs
Rosemary Garimara2015–
Imperial Secretary for
Immigration and
Border Protection
Shane Newman2015–
Imperial Secretary for
Housing and
Urban Development
Riley Anestoudis2015–
Imperial Secretary for
Mark Southon2015–
Imperial Secretary for
Pauline Tran2015–
Imperial Secretary for
Veteran Affairs
Roger Baynes2015–
Imperial Secretary for
the Interior
Harry Worthington2015–
Chief of Staff Matthew Tamsworth2015–
Chairman of the
Defence Organisation
Samantha Longbottom2015–
Postmaster-General Larry Applecross2015–
Director of the
Office of Management
and Budget
Edward Lee2015–
Ambassador to the
United Nations
Bryan O'Connor2015–
Cygnian Trade
Sean Juniper2015–

Following his inauguration, Brandt and the Senate worked to confirm his nominees to His Majesty's Cabinet. Two Cabinet-level officers did not require confirmation: Vice Chancellor Charlie Chen, who Brandt had chosen as his running mate at the 2014 Democratic Labour National Convention; and Chief of Staff Matthew Tamsworth. Brandt chose various prominent Congresspeople, both Senators and MNAs, for Cabinet positions, including Senator and former Democratic Labour primary rival Alice Howe as Imperial Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Relations. Brandt chose to retain several Gillard administration Cabinet members.

Judicial nominees

Cygnian Supreme Court

During Brandt's tenure thus far, there has been one vacancy on the Supreme Court of the Empire. During the 52nd Congress, Brandt successfully nominated a Supreme Court Justice:

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