Chancellor of the
People's Council of the Grand Confederation of Garudan Sovereign Republics
Kanzler des Garudish Folksrats
Flag of Garuda
Flag of Garuda
Question Mark
Mohamad Widodo

since 8 March 2015
Style Herr/Frau Folksratskanzler (informal and within the Folksrat)
The Honourable (formal)
Residence Asemadburg
Nominator Anyone who is qualified to be representative; in practice member of the council and party leadership. Nominations are submitted to the Clerk
Appointer Garudan Folksrat
Elected by the Council, sworn in by the Vice President
Term length At the Council's pleasure;
Elected at the opening of each Folksrat, and upon a vacancy
Inaugural holder Adolf Mühlhausen
8 April 1932
Formation 7 February 1932
Salary M 200,000/year

The Chancellor of the Garudan People's Council (Garudan: Kanzler des Garudish Folksrats) is the presiding officer of the Garudan Folksrat. The office was established in 1932 by Article I, Section 2 of the Garudan Constitution of 1931, which states in part, "The People's Council shall choose their Chancellor..."

The Constitution does not explicitly require that the Chancellor be an elected Folksrat Representative, though every Chancellor so far has been an elected Member of the Council.

The Chancellor is second in the Garudan presidential line of succession, after the Vice President and ahead of the Chancellor of the Stātenrat. The Chancellor of the People's Council is a leadership position and the office-holder actively works to set the government's legislative agenda. The Chancellor usually does not personally preside over debates, instead delegating the duty to members of the Council from the ruling party. The Chancellor usually does not participate in debate and rarely votes.

Aside from duties relating to heading the Council and the ruling political party, the Chancellor also performs administrative and procedural functions, and represents his or her electoral district.