Chancellor of Democratic Republic of Cygnia
Coat of arms of the Democratic Republic
Franklin J. Heller
Chancellor 1934 to 1943
Style The Right Honourable
Appointer Supreme People's Congress
Term length 4 years
Constituting instrument Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Cygnia
Precursor Chancellor of the Empire of Cygnia
Emperor of Cygnia
Formation 1934
Final holder Franklin J. Heller
Abolished 8 April 1943
75 years ago
Deputy Chief Minister

From 1934 to 1943, the Chancellor of the Democratic Republic of Cygnia was both head of state and head of government of the Republic. Throughout the existence of the Republic, the Chancellor was the supreme authority in the government of the country, and was officially elected every four years. The only Republic-era Chancellor was Franklin Jonathan Heller, who was both preceded and succeeded by Imperial Chancellors.

In theory, the Chancellor was directly elected by members of the Supreme People's Congress. However, the incumbent Heller, throughout the existence of the Republican government, was the only candidate nominated by the Central Committee of the Socialist Party. Thus, in both Cancellarial elections of the Republican era, Heller's rule was re-affirmed and the elections served only as a legitimiser of his dictatorship.