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The Chancellor is the Head of Government in New Swabia. The Head of State is the President.

Name Picture Took office Left office Political Party Notes
Georg Lutz Kikorishima 1936 1953 National Socialist First Chancellor of New Swabia. Led the New Swabian Government through World War Two until it became neutral. Served as Chancellor until assassinated.
David Rikkerman D Rikkerman 1953 1982 National Socialist Betrayed several cabinet members to achieve power. Manipulated Presidents Zwanziger and Knapstein. Leader throughout the South Atlantic War. Committed suicide in 1982.
Tillo Freudberger 1982 1988 Liberation Completed Rikkerman's term before beginning his own. Helped return Democracy to New Swabia.
Gretel Leverkusen 1988 1996 Christian Socialist First female Chancellor
Fritz Dietrich 1996 2008 Liberation Son of former President Otto Dietrich.
Oskar Unger Unger 2008 Incumbent Christian Socialist