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The Chancellor of Austria (German: Reichskanzler Österreich) is the head of the government of Austria and is a position analogous to Prime Minister. The Chancellor of Austria is appointed by the King of Austria in theory, but in practice is often selected "upon the recommendation" of the National Assembly (Reichsversammlung), the lower house of the Parliament of Austria (Österreichisches Parlament).

The Chancellor is the head of government and thus heads a Cabinet of fellow Ministers. Until constitutional reforms in 1954, the Chancellor always held the portfolio for the Foreign Ministry in addition to his duties as head of government. Since 1954, the Foreign Ministry has been separarted from the Chancellery. The current Chancellor of Austria is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

List of Chancellors of Austria

Federated Empire of Austria (1919-1954)

Name Party Term Coalition Notes
Adolf Hitler Worker's Party 1941 - March 18, 1947 SPÖ-CS-LVP-AP War Chancellor
Adolf Schärf Social Democratic March 18, 1947 - June 8, 1948 SPÖ First term
Theodor Körner Social Democratic June 8, 1948 - December 7, 1948 SPÖ
Karl Renner Social Democratic December 7, 1948 - February 19, 1950 SPÖ
Kurt Schuschnigg Christian Social February 19, 1950 - October 18, 1951 CS-LVP-LB Served the entire term between two elections
Adolf Schärf Social Democratic October 18, 1951 - December 2, 1951 SPÖ-LVP Second term
Alfred Jansa Liberal People's Party December 2, 1951 - July 19, 1954 SPÖ-LVP Last Chancellor of the Empire of Austria

Kingdom of Austria (1954-present)

Name Portrait Party Term Coalition Notes
Alfred Jansa Liberal People's Party July 19, 1954 - December 17, 1954 SPÖ-LVP First Chancellor of the Kingdom of Austria
Adolf Schärf Social Democratic December 17, 1954 - May 2, 1955 SPÖ-LVP Third term
Leopold Figl Christian Social May 2, 1955 - May 10, 1956 CS-LVP-Landbund First term
Julius Raab Christian Social May 10, 1956 - January 9, 1957 CS-LVP-Landbund
Leopold Figl Christian Social January 9, 1957 - September 8, 1959 CS-LVP-Landbund Second term
Bruno Pittermann Social Democratic September 8, 1959 - October 5, 1963 SPÖ-Landbund
Josef Klaus Christian Social October 5, 1963 - March 10, 1971 CS-LVP (1964-70); CS-NVP (1970-71) Last leader of the Christian Social Party
Bruno Kreisky Social Democratic March 10, 1971 - August 7, 1983 SPÖ-LVP (1971-75); SPÖ (1971-83) Longest-interred Chancellor in history
Alois Mock AloisMock CDM People's Alliance August 7, 1983 - September 1, 1994

VA (1983-1991)

VA-NVP (1991-1994)

First Chancellor from the right to form one of his Cabinets without a coalition
Erhard Busek People's Alliance September 1, 1994 - December 5, 1994 VA-NVP
Franz Vranitzky Social Democratic December 5, 1994 - October 9, 2003 SPÖ First SPÖ Chancellor not to form a coalition
Arnold Schwarzenegger ArnoldSchwarzenegger People's Alliance October 9, 2003 - October 30, 2014 VA First VA Chancellor not to form a coalition
Reinhold Mitterlehner ReinholdMitterlehner CDM People's Alliance October 30, 2014 - present VA Incumbent

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