Chamber of Deputies
Coat of arms or logo.
Type Lower House of the Parliament of Brazil
President of the Chamber of Deputies Louis Robert, Empire's Party
since 10th July 2015
Established 25th March 1732
Members 750 Deputies
Chamber of Deputies Political groups His Imperial Majesty Government (605)
  Empire's Party(505)

  Conservative Christian League (100)

His Imperial Majesty Most Loyal Opposition (98)
  Liberal Party (98)

Other parties (47)
  Socialist Union (27)

  Federalist Party (10)

  Independents (7)

  Republican Congress (3)
Chamber of Deputies Voting system Majority vote
Chamber of Deputies Last election 1st July 2015
Meeting place
Rio (Palácio Tiradentes) (28Mar1964) REFON.jpg
Bonifácio Palace, Vitopolis

The Chamber of Deputies is the lower house of the Parliament of Brazil. It's responsible for analyzing laws, approving them and also for electing the Premier. Unlike the Senate, it's elected every 5 years, although it can be dissolved earlier.

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