Chakravarman I
Timeline: Great Empires

Emperor Chakravarman

Emperor of the Khmer Empire
1997 – present

Predecessor Samhananopetavarman III
Successor Incumbent

1997 – present

Predecessor Samhananopetavarman III
Successor Incumbent
Born 1987 (aged 25)
Imperial Palace, Angkor, Khmer Empire
Full name Rangsei Vishnuloka Chakravarman I
Spouse Sayrana Suprassana Devi
House Vishnulokasurya Dynasty
Father Samhananopetavarman III
Mother Indradevi
Issue Sumdaravana (born 2005)
Religion Hinduism
 Chakravarman I is the current Emperor of the Khmer Empire.


Early life

Chrakavarman I was born on December 5 as Rengsei, the son of Emperor Samhanaopetavarman III and his wife Empress Indradevi. He was their first child and son and was the crown prince and heir apparent. When he was one year his brother Prince Serey was born. He went to school in the Angkor Imperial School, which was the most prestigeous school in the entire empire. He was a smart student and made many friends.


Regency of his mother

When he was just ten, his father died unexpectedly and he was crowned emperor on 6 April. His mother was appointed regent until he would turn 18 and complete his education. While in high school he met Sayrana Rajasinghe and eventually they fell in love. 


In 2005 Rengsei actually assumed leadership over the empire and married Sayrana. He took the regnal name of Chakravarman I.  In March 2005, he became father of a daughter and his so far only child, Princess Sumdaravana.  His reign is relatively stable and the country is flourishing. Chakravarman and his family regularly visit cities and make public appearances.


  • 5 December 1987 - 6 April 1997: His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Rengsei
  • 6 April 1997 - present: His Imperial and Divine Majesty Emperor Chakravarman