Flag of Chad

Chad | République du Tchad (French)

Capital: Fort-Lamy

Largest city: Fort-Lamy (1,092,066)

Official language: French

Other languages: Indigenous minority languages

Ethnic groups: 31.6% Sara, 11.3% Mayo, 8.7% Kanem, 8.5% Bornou, 7.6% Daju, 7.2% Kebbi, 7.1% Daza, 6.5% Tandjilé, 2.8% Fitri, 2.3% Batha, 6.4% others

Religions: Catholic Christianity (49.5%), Protestant Christianity (20.3%), African traditional religion (15.8%), Moorish Christianity (9.6%), Others (1.2%), Non-religious (3.6%)

Demonym: Chadian

Government: Republic | Unitary presidential

President: Isidore Déby

Prime Minister: Charles Pahimi Deubet

Legislature: National Assembly

Independence (from France): 11 August 1960

Area: 1,284,020 sq km

Population (2010): 10,329,208

Currency: Central African CFA franc (XAF)

Internet TLD: .td

History of Chad


Pre-colonial period

Kanem Empire (c.700–1893)

Kingdom of Baguirmi (1522–1897)

Kingdom of Maba (1635–1900)

French Chad

Colonialism (1900–1940)

Decolonization (1940–1960)


Tombalbaye era (1960–1975)

Military rule (1975–1978)

First Chadian Civil War (1979–1982)

Habré era (1982–1990)

Déby era (since 1990)

Second Chadian Civil War (2005–2010)

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