Chaco Republic
República del Chaco
Tetã Cháko
Chaku Mama Ilaqta
Timeline: Regnum Bueno

OTL equivalent: Santa Cruz (Bolivia) and Paraguay
Boliviaparaguayanrepublicflag Coat of arms of Bolivia
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Chaco Republic

La unión es la fuerza, paz y justicia! (Spanish)

(and largest city)
Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Other cities Asunción

Ciudad del Este
San Lorenzo

  others Guarani


Demonym Chacoan
Government Presidential republic
President Horacio Cartes
Independence from Kingdom of Spain
  declared 15 May 1811
Currency Guaraní
Calling Code +591
Internet TLD .gn
The Chaco Republic, (Spanish: República del Chaco), is a landlocked country located in western-central South America. It is bordered to the east by San Paulo, to the south by Argentina, and to the west by San Martín.

One-third of the country is the Andean mountain range, with its capital and principal economic centers located in the Altiplano.

Since the post-South American War, the country received recovery aid, being a state-satellite of San Paulo for 41 years.

It is currently the largest military ally of San Paulo and has the fourth largest military army of the Americas (after Columbia, San Paulo and Canada).