Ceuta was a city in Morocco. Portugal conquered the city in 1381, after which they started going down the coast of Africa. It remained under Portuguese administration even after Castille took Morocco first and Portugal later, and also after it became part of the Quadruple Monarchy first and the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal later. In 1628 however, after the latter had fallen apart, Florence bribed the Portuguese commander of the fortress, so he gave them the city, which they kept together with nearby Tangiers, to protect their connection to Atlantis.

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During World War I, in 1914 the sea battle of Ceuta took place here, which was victorious for the Germans, who drove the Imperial Navy back into the Mediterranean. After the war, the city stayed in German hands. In World War II, they still had to fight for it with the Italians since December 1942; in March 1943, Ceuta had to capitulate, but was retaken later.