Shot of Ceres from Mars.

Ceres is a gas giant planet roughly 152,098,232 km from the Sun. It is considered the 1st planet in the Solar System, with the gas giant being in a dual planet orbit. It is the second largest planet in the Solar System, with a diameter of 6.1412×1010 sq km. It has 12 moons, four of which are potentially habitable. When viewed from Ganymede, Ceres has an apparent magnitude of -3.94, making it the second brightest object in the night sky.


Ceres has a very thick atmosphere composed primarily of Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Helium and some Oxygen. The atmosphere has a tendency to be especially windy. Lightning has been recorded in some pockets of the atmosphere. Due to the windiness, several large storms have been recorded in the atmosphere.


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Ceres was easily visible from Ganymede. Roman folklore tells tales of Jupiter and Ceres being brothers that joined forces against Saturn, leaving him out of riches untold. Recently, probes have been launched to Ceres to record its atmosphere and moons.

In Fiction

  • It Came From Ceres! (1962)- A pulp sci-fi movie featuring an octopus-like monster named Cthulhu.
  • Battle of the Titans (1971)- A movie retelling the mythological battle between Ceres and Rao
  • Warhammer (1973)- A movie set in 40,000 AD. Ceres is a mass producer of fuel and a major tourist destination.
  • Battle of the Titans II (1977)- A movie retelling the mythological battles of the ancient Gods. Ceres, Jupiter, and Saturn teamed up against Rao. Some lesser gods sided with Ceres and were punished.
  • Battle of the Titans III- The Last Stand (1979)- Saturn is betrayed. Rao punishes Earth and the war ends.
  • Star Trek VI (1992)- The Enterprise NCC-1701-E is constructed above Ceres.
  • Solar Conquest (2003)- A video game allowing players to colonize planets. Ceres is very difficult to conquor.
  • Alternate Realities (2004)- Video game in which characters travel to different ATLs. They are dismayed to discover that it was likely that Ganymede would not be habitable in most timelines. Earth is a planet, along with two other planets. Ceres is a minor planet in an asteroid belt.
  • Solar Conquest II (2008)- Sequel to Solar Conquest. Player can colonize entire galaxy. Ceres, again, is involved.
  • Alternate Realities (2010)- MMORPG spin-off to the Alternate Realities spin off.

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