The Central Republic was the name given to the complete nation of Australia when it was unified by the Aboriginal Collective. The name was selected by the original leaders of the Collective who believed that the island of Australia was the centre of the world.


Because of the Collective's plans to invade New Zealand, the majority of the soldiers and warriors working for the army of the Collective were engaged in a series of conflicts there, and in doing so left the Collective in a far weaker position. Knowing this, the 'Barbaric North' made plans to push out against the Collective. The North had a surprisingly large population for its small amount of land, and the leaders of the various tribes and villages had become so close that they were often considered to have a collective of their own. Taking advantage of this, the North attacked a village near the borders of their territory, taking the Collective by surprise.

At this, the Collective panicked. They had not expected such a decisive and powerful attack, and were caught off guard. In response to the attack, they sent a small force north, but the army was unsuccessful in holding off the barbarians.

By August 1799, the North had captured eight villages and over twenty miles of land. Despite the Collective's best efforts, they could not stop the relentless march of the barbarians. Also, they had no way of communicating with the army in New Zealand, meaning that they did not have a force with which to fight them. The Collective launched a new plan; they called the nation's best riflemen to the central government of the collective. The riflemen were then trialled. Fourteen of the best were chosen. These elites would become the first members of the League of Sky.

The League then began its own campaign against the North, targeting and destroying key positions inside enemy territory. This campaign was remarkably successful. By November 1799, the North had lost nearly all of the territory that it had gained in its invasion. By January of the following year, the remaining armies of the Collective had moved in to occupy all of the territory once owned by the North. This was considered the final move in eliminating northern resistance, even though small underground groups still operated against the Collective.

Because the Collective now had control over the whole of Australia, and it had seen many radical changes over the past few years, its leaders decided that it needed to be reformed. The Collective was renamed the Central Republic. It was shortly discovered after its formation that the Republic also controlled the whole of New Zealand and Tasmania. This made it one of the largest nations in the world.

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