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The French and British armies on the Western front are utterly desimated after the German spring offensive of 1918. The Americans waiting to land in France have no safe place to land since the Germans control the entire coastline. France quickly surrenders in hopes of saving Paris, and Britain quickly follows even though it had outstanding victories in the Middle East. With Russia surrendering the previous year and now France and Britain out the remaing Allied powers surrender to the Central Powers.



World in 1918

The world in August 1918, shortly following the "Conference of Berlin".


Conference of Berlin : June-July 1918

The German Empire hosts a conference in Berlin and invites all the major and minor powers of each side. The exile governments of Serbia, Montenegro, Belgium and Rumania refuse to join the conference and continue to stay in London. Besides that all the other countries send delagations.

Western Front

It was unanimous throughout the combatants that Germany would be allowed to control Belgium. It is fully annexed into the Empire has a Grand Duchy under the previous King of Belgium, Alfred.

Germany demanded the full northern coast of France, making the excuse that they had suffered four long years of war and wanted a northern wall in case the Western Powers decided to attack again. The Allies agreed and it was decided that Germany would "administer" the region until 1930.

France itself would continue to exist, though it was forced to sign (along with Britain) a treaty declaring they would not declare war on Germany for at least another ten years.

Ireland also became its own country. At first Britain was unwilling to give Northern Ireland away but threats from Germany made it back down.

Italian Front

Austria-Hungary was granted land in Italy as far as Venice. Italy also pledged never to attack Austria-Hungary unless it wanted German invervention.

Balkans Front

Montenegro and Albania were completely absorbed by Austria-Hungary. The exile governments of the two states, feeling betrayed by Britain, move their seats from London and seek asylum in New York.

Serbia and Rumania was divided between Austria and Bulgaria. But Greece, since it joined in later, came off the war with little to no loss in territory.

Middle East

All the previous land Britain had conquered was handed back to Turkey. It was also stripped of Egypt, Kuwait, and Oman. Italy was forced to give Libya to Turkey (it should be noted that Austria wanted Libya, but Germany shut down their claim).


All German colonies were returned to Germany. Ghana, French Equitorial Africa, Botswana, Belgain Congo, and a portion of Kenya was handed over to Germany.

Morocco was also granted their independence.


As with Africa, Germany was given their Pacific colonies back, along with a couple dozen other Islands.


After dealing with the Western allies, Germany and Austria-Hungary send military and economic support to Finland, Lithuania, and the Ukraine after the recent creation of the Soviet Union. The "White" factions opposing the Soviets were quickly defeated after a little more then a year. While Germany can afford to send support, it puts a strain on the weakened Austrian economy. The lands in Rumania, Serbia, Albania, and Italy did not bring as much stabilaztion to the economy and the government worries after the growing number of protests in Serbia and Rumania. These are brought down by German involvment, and Austria-Hungary is forced to keep most of their military in the south just to keep the peace.

The United States give economic support to Britain and the Western powers. Germany protests that the Central Powers deserve economic support as well and the United States complies (though the "support" was much lower then what France or Britain got)

Many African populations flee their German overlords after propaganda from French and British supporters. So populations in German African colonies goes down at a shocking rate.


The Soviets crush whatever resistance is left in Russia by February. London attempts to send secret telegrams to Moscow for an anti-German alliance but Lein rejects these. Giving the excuse that the Soviet Union is too weak after the civil war to wage a war agaisn't the German War machine.



German Empire (includes French Free State)

Republic of France

United Kingdom

Republic of Ireland


Kingdom of Italy

Kingdom of Holland

Kingdom of Portugal

Kingdom of Spain


Kingdom of Bulgaria

Kingdom of Ukraine

Kingdom of Finland

Kingdom of Lithuania

Kingdom of Denmark

Kingdom of Norway

Kingdom of Sweden

Soviet Union

North America

Canada (dominion of U.K)

United States



Belize (colony of U.K)


Jamacia (colony of U.K)

Various French and Dutch colonies





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