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Report by Central News of the outgoing Japanese Independence Crisis.

New zeland protest

Protests in New Zealand


  • August 8, 2010 New Zealand Central World Wellington, New Zealand: At two days of the independence referendum, New Guinea, Palau Islands, Solomon Islands and Tonga has joined the Organization of Unrepresented Peoples and Nations. During the last week, the organism has begun defining his new structure, thanks to the support of some foreign nations.
  • July 28, 2010 United Nations Flag New York, USA: The O.N. Security Council has resolved the sending of peacekeepers and international observers to Oceania to guarantee the order and the safety during the carrying out the independence referendum, to be held next August 10. The peacekeepers will be composed by troops of approximately 10 countries, includes Chile, United States, Australia, Germany, France, and others. The Chilean ambassador said: "Chile, as well as many other nations, is strongly compromised for reach the solution of this crisis, besides assures the correct implementation of the democracy".
  • July 23, 2010 800px-Kanak flagFlag of JapanFlag of Norfolk Island New Zealand Central World Oceania: After the referendum was announced, things are much better in Oceania, there is still some small rioting, and all the islands' economies have collapsed because of the destroyed shops, markets, and malls and because all tourism have evaporate.
  • July 22, 2010 800px-Kanak flagFlag of JapanNoumea, Japan/New Caledonia: New Caledonia declared independence, while here the situation is not so violent, in the rest of Oceania continues like that, the Japanese Empire fearing collapse will make a referendum on August 10, to see who of Oceania wants to continue as part of Japan or independent, this new countries are supported by the Americas, Europe, and Australia.
  • July 22, 2010 United Nations Flag New York, USA: A Security Council session has been held. "It has been decided to continue trying to pursue Japan to give independence to New Zealand and the Norfolk Island and any other island that demands independence and in a pacific way, just like in Africa in years before".
  • July 21, 2010 Flag of Japan Flag of Norfolk Island New Zealand Central World Japanese Oceania/Norfolk/New Zealand: Rioting, protests, and looting continue in all of Japanese Oceania, the ON is currently in a conference with the Japanese government to discuss Oceania's Independence, the official number of deaths are 247, but is currently growing and is possible more, the Japanese government has pronounced that is possible that more zones will declare independence in the following days, it seem that the cause of this crisis is that Oceania's populations has declare as oppressed by the Japanese, and that in the previous dates there have been peaceful protests for Oceania's independence.
  • July 21, 2010 Copy of United States of America Central United Nations Flag New York, USA: The Organization of Nations calls for a High Council Session to deal with the Oceania's Crisis, also they send ON peacekeepers.
  • July 21, 2010Flag of Japan Flag of Norfolk Island Kingston, Japan/Norfolk Island: Norfolk Island has also proclaimed Independence, but here, violence is getting out of control, they have already burned the Government Headquarters here, also in Wellington the Organization of Unrepresented Peoples and Nations has been founded with Norfolk Island and New Zealand as the only members yet...
  • July 21, 2010Flag of Japan Tokyo, Japan and all Oceania: Overwhelmed by the looting, the government declared a state of emergency, put the Oceania under martial law and are trying to restore order albeit with the use of force. Some people are using firearms for self-defence, to attack other civilians and/or to attack the military, but the number of dead soldiers and police came nowhere near the number of civilian deaths.
  • July 21, 2010Flag of Japan New Zealand Central World Wellington, New Zealand/Japan: The Governor-General of New Zealand Headquarters have been invaded the de facto state and been taken, and the Japanese government has been sent into exile; also rioting has begun in Japanese islands of India.
  • July 21, 2010Flag of Japan New Zealand Central World Wellington, New Zealand/Japan: New Zealand have proclaimed independence but for now is a unrecognized state; there is a debate worldwide on how something so violent could occur in Japan, and on how many places might proclaim independence; the Japanese government has just said that situation is out of control and that if the situation continues like this in the following months, just for fearing a war, Oceania might be independent.
  • July 21, 2010Flag of Japan Wellington, Japan: A group of big independence protests are waving all the Japanese Oceania. The protests and rioting began in Wellington (the capital of New Zealand Governor-General) on this morning of today, 21 July 2010, due to a steep increase in independence in Oceania. They have quickly spread to many other islands across the Japanese Oceania. By the afternoon there are already disturbances in almost all Japanese Oceania, with shops shut and public transport not running.

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