Since 1550: The trade of the Netherlands is painfully reduced; while they did most of the Atlantean trade, even that of other nations, the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal doesn't need them any more after the war. Economical crisis.

1560-66: Netherlands make war against the Gottesfreistaat Münster, but are defeated.

1560s: In the Netherlands, the so-called Puritan movements starts. They are radically against any kind of luxury, especially in the church. Many are expelled, have to go to the colonies in North Atlantis.

1562: Greifen dynasty dies out, Pomerania inherited by the Hohenzollern.

1566-70: Brandenburg-Silesia, Bavaria and Thuringia-Meissen (OTL Thuringia and SW Saxony) ally and fight the Bohemian theocracy in the Anti-Bohemian War, annex the Sudetenland.

1568: Netherlands topple unpopular king Reinald IV, make his younger brother Eduard I king.

1570s: In Florence, the influx of Southern Italians leads to the rich merchants being questioned about their lifestyle. In reaction, the Matthewan movement starts, which defends their wealth. (Like OTL Calvin's teachings, they draw biblical support for their theory from the "Parable of the talents", from the Gospel of Matthew.) The duke rules that the Matthewan interpretation of the Bible is the right one, and dissenters are displaced to the mountain areas of Italia Nuova.

1575: Florence appointed Grand Duchy for its efforts in the war against the Rum-Seljuks.

1577: Estates of Slovakia accept new Hungarian king Ferenc I.

1580-87: Bohemian-Hungarian War. The theocracy of Bohemia is defeated, its king sent to exile in Atlantis, to be safe. Bohemia becomes part of the Bourbon domain.

1581/82: Gottesfreistaat Münster attacks the little country of Oldenburg, conquers it. Netherlands and Nassau feel seriously threatened, ask E-C-P and France for support. In the Netherlands this doesn't work out because their king dies in an unfortunate moment, but Nassau receives help (French musketeers) and defeats Münster, annexes the territories of Tecklenburg, Ravensberg, Paderborn. The religious dissenters who don't want to reconvert flee, some of them even to Atlantis.

1584: Alexander / Alasdair IV of Scotland elected Polish king. There are actually two grandsons of the last king alive, but being underage, the Poles want another king, hoping the mighty Alexander can protect them from the Russians.

1586: Alexander elected Roman king, as a compromise between France and the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal (which kings are both too young anyway).

1588: Death of Alexander.

Duke and elector Ernst V of Braunschweig-Lüneburg inherits the lands of the last sideline, Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel.

1592-97: Frisia conquered by the Dutch.

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Central Europe 1500-1550

Central Europe


Later in time:

Central Europe 1600-1650

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