The Central Californian Republic (Spanish: República de California) is a nation located on the coast of California, embarcing much of the Bay Area. Its capital is San Francisco. 
Central Californian Republic
Timeline: Rebuild (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Bay Area
CCR Flag (Rebuild Map Game) Seal of California
Flag Seal
CCR Rebuild 1968
The CCR in blue. Areas under pro-CCR control in the Federation of San Diego shown in pale blue.
Capital San Francisco
Largest city San Francisco
Other cities San Jose, Oakland
English, Spanish, Native American Languages
  others French, Portuguese, Chinese
Religion Roman Catholicism, Protestant Christianity, Atheism, Judaism, Islam, Other religions
Government Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic
President Ronald Reagan
Prime Minister Joseph Alioto
Area 29,395 km²
Population 556,000 
Established 1963

Education System

During the elementary years children learn values of respect, love, and working together as well as having a general education (grades 1-6). During Junior High (grades-7-9) students explore what kind of profession they would like to pursue with a strong influence on science and technology. In High School (grades 10-12) students take specialized courses in order to pursue the career they wish to do. For higher professions such as a medical doctor or a lawyer  higher education is required.


The government of the Commonwealth of the Californian Republic is closely similar to that of the United States. It consists of an executive branch, a legislative branch, and a judicial branch. However, California remains largely decentralized as due most nations due to a lack of many transportation and information conveniences. It is officially called a "Democratic Socialist Constitutional Republic", meaning the country has Socialist principles but also has rights (freedom of speech, right to bear arms etc.). The countries electoral processes are almost exactly like that of the old U.S. government, there is a popular and electoral vote and the country is also comprised of twenty five provinces.

Legislative Branch

The simplified Senate consists of 12 reprsentatives.

The National Assembly represents each province with ten representatives. It consisits of 250 members.

Executive Branch

The executive branch is made up of a president and a prime minister. The president is largely ceremonial, as he is only responsible for seeing through to the passing of laws, foreign affairs, and the military. The prime minister however, functions exactly like the pre-Doomsday Governor of California. He is responsible for state affairs, the legislative branch, passing of laws, the national guard, the counties, and other things. The legislative body consists of a bicameral legislature, the Senate, and the National Assembly.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is an exact replica of the pre-Doomsday Judicial Branch. The Supreme Court has 9 members, who each serve life sentences, and are responsible to see whether a law is constitutional or not. It should be noted, though, that as most criminals are usually dealt with in their regional communities, the branch is effectively responsible for additional duties the other branches may not fulfill.



The modern army of the CCR contains approximately 10,000 soldiers. They must maintain a larger than normal military in order to counter the constant threats of the slavers to the north as well as raiders from Ventura to the south. There are two divisions in the CCR army: the infantry division, and an armored division, the infantry division is typical land soldiers, while as the armored division handles tanks, Humvees and other vehicles, the only tank currently in production is the M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, a light tank mainly used for anti-infantry. The army also doubles as a police force, maintaining order in CCR territory.


The navy is made up of mostly converted civilian craft, but one frigate was salvaged from the ruined California coastline and relaunched as the RCS San Mateo. There are currently almost 5,000 sailors enlisted in the CCR navy. The navy also has one aircraft carrier, the RCS San Francisco.

Air Force

The air force nominally consists of the aircraft that survived the war. There are currently almost 5,000 airmen enlisted in the CCR air force. 


  • Naval Vessels:
    • Battleships -1
  • Destroyers - 5
    • RCS Alex Mercer
      RCS Mendocino
      RCS Avalon
      RCS William Ide
      RCS John Sutter
  • Cruisers - 20
    ​RCS Manuel Perez
    RCS Modoc
    RCS Sacramento
    RCS San Francisco

R.C.S. Modoc

  • Patrol ships-14
  • Submarines-2
  • RCS Black Bear
  •  RCS Lone Star

  • Armored Vehicles (Tanks):
    • M60 Patton Tank - 750
    • M551 Sheridan - 300
    • M103 - 350
    • M48 Patton - 12,00
  • Armored Vehicles (APC's)
    • Cadillac Gage Commando (Multiple Variants) -  500
  • Artillery:
    • M109 Howitzer - 150
    • M110 Howitzer - 450
    • MLRS - 300
  • Anti-Air:
    • M42 Duster - 600
  • Helicopters:
    • CH-47 Chinook - 500
    • UH-1 Iroquois - 100
  • Fighter jets:
    • F-4 Phantom II (48)
    • F-5 Freedom Fighter (12)

Dude this is the 60's, the F-15 wasn't developed until the 70's, and u don't have contact with Russia to get MiG's

National Symbols


I Love You California - Official California State Song (with lyrics)-002:20

I Love You California - Official California State Song (with lyrics)-0


Coats of Arms and Government Emblems


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