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Mongolia flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Central Asian Republic (A Different History)
Location of Central Asian Republic (A Different History)

Dayar Mongol Centra Asila (Mongolian Uzbeck Tatar Kazakh)

Anthem "National Anthem of Mongolia"
(and largest city)

Uzbeck Tatar Kazakh

  others Language for Communication: Russian
  others Buddhism
Legislature Mixed parliamentary/presidential
Population 20 Million (Estimation) 
Established 1914
Independence from Manchuria, Muscovy and Novosbrick
  recognized 1918
Currency Tugruks
Part of: U.N. Greater Union of Asiatics,
Asia Map Plain-1-

The Central Asian Republic was organized in 1914 by a 16 year old Gengis Tombar an illiterate nomad who created revolution against the great powers of the region. Centuries of oppression at the hands of Muscovy, Novosbirisk and Manchuria were ended in four years. With the aid of a united coalition of Khazan, Georgia and Kaffa the Confederation prevailed, coming to official existence with the Treaty of Choson, signed in February 12th of 1918.

Early Development

After independence Gengis Tombar and a council of warlords from local chieftains ratified the Constitution of Central Asia.

Points of the original Constitution

  • There are two houses of Government the executive and the Parliament
  • To run for public office a person must have been born in the Republic,
  • All men over 25 may vote for public officers.
  • All men can run for office.
  • There will be no state Religion.
  • Executives and Parliament Members will run for five year terms
  • All Children between ages six and ten must receive Public Education

The Constitution was ratified in June 15th of 1918.

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