The Territory Under Central American Jurisdiction

After a series of revolutions the Democratic Party Took over, Military forces were reformed and the Rebel forces that Made and alliance with small city states in northern Colombia Convince them to join The Empire they accept it making a great Part. The army sets Its capital in Panama City, Political Capital is Set In Cartagena, And Managua is Keep As Imperial Capital

The Emperor Luciano Start the Proyect Paz Sudamericana (Southamerican Peace) and the Southamerican United Organization To set A bigger United Southamerican Nations as Well to Handle the project about peace it offers that both The empire and Brazil to became The Admin Members of this organization until other nations are found. The Fleet Manages to Initiate to work some Generators In Managua, Panama City and San Jose

The First Contact With a Northamerican Nation has been successfully done in a not so...Successful way, the empire Presents and apology to the American Union for Conflicts, as army Though Them to be threatening
an alliance, is Offer to the American Union

The 29 of July The Emperor and the council start the Status of High Consul as Political Leader Chosen by the People through Voting that will be the peoples Voice with the Council and Emperor, Democratizing the Political Power. 30 of july the emperor states that the Election will Start in August 3.

Military Groups are attacked in the lower Panama By Colombian Rebels and The Tribal-Nation Called The Republic Of Cauca, after a series of Conflicts For Colombian terrain a war is Unleashed Between Trivial Nations and The Empire Raging in the small settlements, Struggling to Keep the Client cities in northern Colombia and to Don't lose any territory To the Colombian And the Rebels during the first Days of War Outside Groups Tried to enter the panama isthmus while The empire use Fisher's Ship to send some troops Over the Client Cities,in the Crisis of the Moment Political and Religious Groups Point out that This wasn't God's will,that the emperor Stubbornly was daring to play to god while the Empire seem to sink, the Emperor Wisely Started to Build small Outpost for the Army All over Panama and Costa Rica, As well fortified Various Structures in The Northern Of the Empire in Honduras Province's after the Political and Religious Groups saw That Luciano's Plan was to Keep the Territories Of Cartegena And Magdelena Cities Without major Territorial Loses in the Empire and instead Keep the Military forces at the Wall Of Uraba a Roughly Built Wall made of Wood and Small Rocks Consisting of Some trenches to fend off the Colombian and Farc Army Man to Plunder the Panamanian Isthmus And penetrate further in the Empire, in other events A small progress was made after some Scientific Came from the north, saying that they fled Yucatan due internal Conflicts, these Scientific were called by the Empire,that due to the need of Vehicular Transport for the troops to mobilize enough troops to the Conflict areas, they start To work on making a new Fuel for the Vehicles as well the new designs for vehicles being developed. Currently they are using Manpower and Animal power For the Army's Mobilization

after Days of Voting the Empire Has Chosen Its First Consul Juan Fernando Martinez Being the first in Occupy this charge in the 15 of August, The Ongoing War with Tribal Colombian forces are Being kept away by Small defense camps In the Border by the army, as allies we ask American Union for Some Support In our conflicts with Colombian Tribes as they attempt to Enter The empire, in other news Economical Progress as small fishers Have Rebuild Small Sea Based Cities all over the Honduran Coast line as well some Energy Generator Being set There and near the Capital Of the Provinces Tegucigalpa, scientist Have made some progress on the Vehicles and the Fuel, But due to Newly created Ecologic Movements the Government is Pushing for a More ecologic Response as that, the Production of The as well newly Created Transport for both Civilians would Start in the Next 3 to 6 Months It would Be for the best for the nation to use a Green Option. 2 new parties Had Joined the council the Ecologic and the Theologic Party


Central American Empire-Tribal Colombia

The conflicts between Tribal Societies and the recently organized Empire are starting to struggle as they are in conflict with tribal nations near Cartagena and Barranquilla

As well the Tribes in Panama's borders

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