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Federal Republic of Central America
República Federal de Centro América
Timeline: Russian America

OTL equivalent: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and portions of Chiapas.
Flag of the Federal Republic of Central America Escudo de la República Federal de Centro América
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Central America (Russian America)
Location Central America

Dios, Unión, Libertad (Spanish)
("God, Unity, Freedom")

Anthem "La Granadera"
Capital Amapala
Largest city Guatemala City
Other cities Belize City, Bluefields, Managua, San José, San Salvador, Tegucigalpa
Spanish (de facto)
  others English, Miskito
  others Protestantism, traditional
Demonym Central American, Centroamarican
Government Presidential federal republic
  legislature Congress
Independence from Mexico
  declared July 1, 1823
Currency Real (CAR)
Time Zone Central Time (UTC-6)
Calling Code +5
Internet TLD .ca

The Federal Republic of Central America (Spanish: República Federal de Centro América), commonly called Central America (Centroamérica) and the F.R.C.A. (R.F.C.A.), is a nation located in North America. The nation is bordered by Mexico to the north and Colombia to the south. Central America was established in 1823 when the region gained independence from Mexico. During the 19th century, many have described Central America as a buffer state between Mexico and Colombia.

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