The Party of the Center, referred to almost exclusively as the Center Party, is a now-defunct Alaskan political party that existed from 1945-1962, when it formally dissolved. The Center Party was the political arm of Premier Yakov Sighovaryin's regime, founded by the sitting Premier (who had initially been elected to the Duma as an independent) in early 1945 with the upcoming elections in mind. The party was, despite its Premier sitting for sixteen years, the smallest of the three parties that formed the Sighovaryin Coalition, with the Conservatives gaining much of their might during this time.

The Center Party, much like its coalition partner Industrial Party, had no clear ideology beyond the preservation of the Alaskan military, the continued rule of Sighovaryin as the head of the Tsar's government, the preservation of the monarchy, deference to the Alaskan Orthodox Church on moral matters, and opposition to Marxism and some leftist elements of the then-powerful Socialist Party. As Alaskan historian Pyotr Makarov noted, "the Party of the Center had no ideological drive, no passion, no agenda beyond the consolidation and preservation of Sighovaryin's unquestioned power in Sitka and, as far as the party leaders were concerned, their role as leaders of the Party was to legitimize that rule in any way possible."

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