Head the following message, we are ending this wiki

We, the many you've banned before, the many you've long thought you've taken care of, have now, through a united gathering place you will never find, met each other and decided to target the wiki over these upcoming days. You all have gotten away with unfair banning for too long. Think that pitiful "August Revolution" was bad? Oh yeah, we're gonna make that look like a puddle in the ocean. Remember, We've all been banned, but not practically. You see, we have generators for IPs, Generators that churn-out fake wiki accounts at mach speed, and generators that even produce email addresses in case the wiki tries to block our efforts via making it so you can only use a "valid" email. You've all seen us, through the last week or so, beginning phase 1 of our plan to end this pitiful wiki once and for all. The deletion/renaming of the TSPTF page was nothing compared to what will soon be. We WILL collectively end this wiki, through any means we can. Trying to resist is not going to go very well and is not recommended. You will never outpace the pace at which these fake accounts are generated and used. We are ready, and come Christmas this whole site will either be gone down via "packets of data being thrown at it in rapid succession from many computers at once", or just forced to be deleted because the TSPTF can't take the rate we're gonna delete/rename and vandalize pages. This will be the largest attack in Althistory's history, by a landslide. You will not defeat us, we have the numbers, we have the ambition and we have the plan. All of this will come between now and New Years, if it needs to carry that long. So beware of this message, and make sure you do NOT ignore it. Oh no, you need to be ready, to futily try and resist us. So, farewell, from those of us who want to be named: Spartian300 (who you've probably forgotten), Tft191 and Alalahukbar. Those who do not want to be named will remain anonymous, although you can probably guess who they are. So, with this message sent, farewell, for now. ;)

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