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Welcome to the portal page for the Celtica ATL, a timeline in which the Celtic people remained strong and unified under a common banner in Ireland and Britain, after the Roman Empire descended into anarchy. This led to a series of events resulting in the creation of new nations and an entirely different history of Europe and the world.


It all started with the survival of the Iceni tribe under Queen Boudica I. After the attempted annexation of Iceni and the kidnapping of her daughters, Queen Boudica swore vengeance on the Roman Empire. She amassed a group of warriors from various Celtic tribes to revolt against the Romans, resulting in the destruction of cities like Londinium and Camulodunon.


The point of divergence occurs at the Battle of Watling Street. In our timeline, Boudica's forces suffered heavy losses to the Romans. In this timeline, however, the Celts take a toll on the Roman forces, killing many of their men, including their general, Gaius Suetonius Paulinus. With the loss of Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, the Romans in Britain suffered from poor leadership under a new general.

Boudica's numbers healed and more of Britain was taken by the Celtic tribes. In the end, Venta Belgarum, the last hope of Roman Britain, was attacked and destroyed. Nero sent a peace offering to the Celts in 63 AD and the hostilities between the British Celts and the Romans, while still not unheard of, decreased considerably. The tribes created an alliance called the Comhairle, which soon grew in power over Britain.

Peace between Rome and Iceni fluctuated, but was usually kept. As the Comhairle grew in power, the Romans were tempted to trade with them. In c. 400 AD, Roman Priest St. Patrick was allowed to enter the tribe to spread the Christian religion. While massively unpopular at first, Christianity began to flourish among the British and Irish tribes. When Britain was abandoned by the Romans, Iceni moved into the area to claim former Londinium, naming the city they once burned down 'Na Cathrach ag an Uisce', 'Cathrisce' for short. After centuries of expanding and incorporating tribes into its lands, the people Comhairle called for the unification of the tribes under a single nation. The Comhairle was renamed the Kingdom of Ollmhór. Ollmhór prospered as the Germanic peoples began to set their eyes on Britain...


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