Celtic Tribes of Ireland
275 BC–214 BC Celtic Tribes of Ireland (Romae Delenda Est).png
Flag of Dubhshlaine (Romae Delende Est).png
Celtic Tribes of Ireland (Romae Delenda Est).png Celtic Tribes of Ireland (Romae Delenda Est).png
Flag Coat of arms
Ireland (island) in Europe.png
Location of the Celtic Tribes of Ireland
Capital Various
Official language Primitive Goidelic Irish Languages
Religion Pagan - Primitive Celtic Worship
Government Loose War/Trade Confederate style Consul.
 - Celtic Tribes 275 BC
 - Disestablished 214 BC
 - 215 BC est. 350,000 (estimate) 
Currency Barter

The Celtic Tribes of Ireland formed as celts immigrated from mainland Europe and British Isles and formed tribes. Later they began interaction and trade as they spread out and populated OTL Ireland, the eastern and southern tribes kept a loose confederacy of trade and alliance. In 215 many of them formed an alliance and waged a war to acquire land, specifically from the northern tribes. The winner being the larger and more united southern and eastern tribes. Forced the northern tribes and leader VERCINGETORIX NYNNIAW to be sacrificed and they set him asail to the north. Little did BRADÁN SLUAGHADHÁN and the tribes know, they would land in OTL Iceland in the spring of 214BC and set up a Celtic advanced tribal nation in OTL Iceland.

Knowledge of the World


  • Welsh Tribes
  • Celtic Tribes in Mainland Europe
  • British Tribes
  • Picts

Rumors of Roman Empire, Carthaginians.

Craft and Weapons

  • Small Bronze/mineral usage.
  • Wood and Stone Weapons, some bronze, although uncomon.
  • Basic Agriculture
  • Hunting and gathering

Government and Religion Knows of:

  • Loose Confederacy, Oligarchies, Authorities, Monarchies
  • Rumors of: Empires, Consul type system
  • Pagan Celtic Religion, La Tene Religion

Language Primitive Goidelic, Goidelic.

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