The Celtic Kingdom of Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, Wales, and Cornwall, (commonly known as the Celtic Kingdom, CK, or Celtica), is a soverign state located at the British Isles, just northwest off the coast of continental Europe. The country consists most of the Isles other than the country of England, which shares a border with from the east (from Wales), the south (from Scotland), and Cornwall (also from the east). Other than this, the Celtic Kingdom is surrounded by the Atlanitc Ocean, the North Sea, the English Channel, and the Irish Sea.

The Celtic Kingdom is a unitary state governed by a constitutional monarchy and a parlimentary system, with its capital and seat of government located at Dublin. Despite being one unified nation, it is divided into five states: ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, wales, and Cornwall. Each one has their own capital (Dublin for Ireland, Edinburgh for Scotland, Cardiff, Truro for Cornwall, and Douglas for the Isle of Man). The Celtic Kingdom, although Celtic-culture based, has been influenced by English culture, legal systems, and many aspects of life during their former rule in the country.

The people Celtic Union are the descendents of the Celts, an ancient race of barbarians that used to roam across ancient Europe before being evicted by the Romans by 1 AD. This caused their culture to be restricted to Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, Cornwall, Wales, and Brest. However, when Rome had to abandon Britain during the fall of Rome, barbarians from Scandinavia and Germany (Vikings, Picts, Scots, Jutes, Angles) rampaged the Isles. During the Middle Ages, the Isles were under constant warfare, facing a Norman invasion and the wars of unifying the English states.

During the Modern Era, England grew to be a major European power after conquering the isles. Despite their measures to appease them, some of them (especially the irish) greatly resented them. The independence of ireland after the First Great War led to the rise of Pan-Celticism. After the Second Great War, every Celtic territory on the Isles were unified to form the Celtic Union. During the Cold War, it was on the French side and played a major role during the English War being near the battlefield.

The Celtic Union is a developed country, having the world's 9th largest economy by nominal GDP and 8th largest economy by purchasing power party. Its economy was fueled during the Industrial Revolution during British rule, yet underwent massive growth under French assisstence. The country remains to be an economic power, yet it suffered greatly during the 2000's economic crisis and is now in the process of recovering. The Celtic Union has been a member of the United Nations, the Paris Pact, the European Union, and G-organizations.

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