Federation of Celts
Cónaidhm na Ceiltigh (Irish)
Timeline: Triunfa, España!

OTL equivalent: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany.
Celtic kingdomII Coat of arms of ireland svg
Flag Coat of Arms
Celtic Federation
The Celtic Federation in green.

Cónaidhm na Ceiltigh go deo (Irish for)
("Federation of Celts forever")

Anthem "Amhrán na bhFiann"
Capital Luimneach
Largest city Glasgow
Other cities Edimburgh, Cardiff, Limerick, Belfast, Galway, Brest, Nantes, many others
  others Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Cornish, Breton, Manx, French, English, Scots.
Roman Catholicism
  others Protestantism
Ethnic Groups
  others French, English
Demonym Celtic
Government Constitutional Monarchy
King Evan Vaughan
  royal house: Anwyl of Tywyn
President Mary Patricia McAleese
Area 221,558 
Population 116,500,205 
Established 1955
Independence from Ireland, Britain
Currency Celtic Pound
Time Zone UTC +0
  summer UTC +1
Calling Code 353
Internet TLD .cf
Organizations United Nations

The Celtic Federation (Irish: Cónaidhm na Ceiltigh) is a nation in western Europe. The nation was formed after the union between Celtic-majority nations in 1955 when the British War was fought during the Cold War. The Celtic Federation is one of the largest nations in Europe at terms of population. It has grown since the Potato Abundancy of 1845-1852.


British Dominion

Ireland joined England partly in a personal union with the Lordship of Ireland in the XII Century. It was not, however, until the XVI Century that Ireland had been completely conquered by the English as the Kingdom of Ireland. This helped the English suppress the Irish populace. This suppression has left many scars in Celtic-English relationships.

This reached a boiling point when, in the 1500's, Henry VIII parted from the Catholic church. He started persecuting Catholics, especially within Europe. This continued under Mary I's reign, but stopped when she admitted she was a Catholic. After her death and the ascent of Elizabeth I, however, the persecutions continued.

The Irish asked the Spaniards for help. They sent a gigantic navy, called the Armada Invincible, to take over Ireland and free it. The Armada Invincible was much larger in ATL than in OTL, and therefore got an easy victory. England, rather angrily, had to give up Ireland and it's colonies. The Spanish created a Catholic Kingdom of Ireland in the island, led from the capital of Luimneach.

Kingdom of Ireland

In 1589, a constitution was drafted for the Kingdom. It made Ireland the first independent constitutional monarchy. This gave considerable freedom to the citizens of Ireland, especially the Celtic ones, and made the new kingdom popular.

The Anwyl of Tywyn immigrated to independent Ireland in 1590, and the leader of the House of Tywyn, William Lewis Anwyl of Park, was made King of Ireland.



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